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A Wakerobin subscription is for the brewed coffee drinker that values consistency but appreciates the subtle nuances that come with the seasonal nature of exceptional coffee. The blend will always be made up of superb Latin American coffees and always roasted to ensure consistency in brewing. Brew up Wakerobin every morning with your method of choice knowing it will always deliver good structure, sweetness, and a crisp finish with pleasant variations of fresh new coffees throughout the year.

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Wakerobin is another word for the trillium plant and similar plants that are first to emerge after winter, often popping up and displaying their distinct three-petaled flowers while snow is still on the ground. We’ve designed this blend to epitomize this spirit, emerging from slumber to greet the morning with vigor and beauty. It is gentle but lively, adventurous yet familiar.

The perfect morning cup can differ from person to person but, in our estimation, one constant is that it should always be crisp and clean. The coffees in Wakerobin will change throughout the year but we will always choose coffees from Latin America that are medium-bodied, lightly sweet, and finish cleanly with every sip. Some months it may have notes of berries and other months may present with more stone fruit but it will always have a reliable base layer of chocolate and stewed fruits.

Each iteration of Wakerobin will offer a slight nuance to your morning endeavors while keeping true to your recipe of choice year-round. Add a dash of enchantment to your tried-and-true morning routine.

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