Cacalotepec Mexico



Region: Ixtlan De Juarez, Oaxaca

Elevation: 1650

Varieties: Bourbon & Typica

Process: Traditional Washed

Roast Level: Medium

Primary Notes: Brown Sugar, Subtle Citrus, Structured

Secondary Notes: Dates, Amber Honey

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This offering is comprised of coffee from small landholders in the Sierra Juárez mountains near Santo Domingo Cacalotepec, northeast of Oaxaca city. Old-stock Bourbon and Typica varieties are fermented for 36-48 hours and then dried on traditional woven palm mats called petate mats that allow even drying and air circulation. New techniques and attention to detail combine with traditional Oaxacan methods to produce a refined cup, delivering understated citrus complexity with waves of dates and amber honey.

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