Edgar Rivadeneira Colombia


Region: Bermejal, Buesaco, Nariño
Elevation: 2200 masl
Varieties: Caturra & Colombia
Process: Semi-Washed
Roast Level: Medium-Light
Primary notes: Cherry, Creamy, Sweet
Secondary notes: Strawberry Cordial, Tropical, Vibrant

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At a staggering 2200 meters above sea level, Edgar’s farm, La Quebrada, is one of the highest in the area of Buesaco, Nariño...or in the world for that matter. Coffee grown and processed that high has the potential for stunning depth and sweetness. This offering realizes that potential and the semi-washed process amps it up even more. The coffee radiates with layers of tropical acidity while maintaining a creamy and inviting profile of strawberry and cherry cordial.

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