Country, Region: Huila, Colombia
Process: Sugarcane Ethyl Acetate Method
Roast Level: Medium
Primary notes: Brown sugar, Molasses, Silky
Secondary notes: Orange, Red Grape

Brew Difficulty: Simple (?)
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Decaf is often maligned as the adulterated cousin of the “real thing”. Some of the most memorable moments, however, are often made with loved ones over a cup of decaf coffee after dinner. Decaf doesn’t have to be the star. It is happy to play the supporting role and take a back seat to food and friends. That doesn’t mean decaf has to be mediocre, though. We don’t mail it in with our decaffeinated coffees. We choose clean coffees with lower acidity and high sweetness and roast them with an emphasis on attaining a rich mouthfeel and clean finish. Our decaf coffee is decaffeinated using ethyl acetate naturally derived from fermented sugarcane instead of synthetically. This method along with quality coffee produce a sweet cup with a clean finish that pairs well with any dessert and good conversation.

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